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Alexandra is a profound internationally known speaker who conveys her passion of her life's experiences with enthusiasm, humor and intrigue. She has spent much of her life investigating why she has believed that she wasn't wanted or loved as a child. Being emotionally abandoned by her parents, she set up for herself a life of pushing away relationships and fabricating her own lies of not being wanted. Her passionate search led her to investigate beliefs and perceptions that she had held from childhood as she unraveled her life's experiences.

You will love her honest, down-to-earth style of sharing her experiences and how she has found clarity of her life's purpose. She lives her truth in a most profound way. You will be able to relate to how she turned her life around from depression, heart ache, addiction, and emotional pain through a process and practice that you can achieve easily to create a life of meaning, happiness and a whole lot of fun.

Topics that you might like to hear from Alexandra:

  • It's All About You - Transforming You. As you change your life, everything and everyone else around your changes.

  • Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? What is your life's purpose? What's your job this time around?

  • How To Lose Weight For You...Leave everyone else out of it!!

  • Where Is My Life's Partner? The road less traveled by you - he's out there. You're out there!!

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