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Golden Arrow is an energetic group of non-physical beings who have come together to offer Their teachings to humanity. They teach intention and declaration techniques to raise our vibration and energetic field to change old, destructive beliefs and habits that we learned and took on as our truth and perceptions due to our continual reinforcement as we were growing up.

Golden Arrow speaks through Alexandra as a trance channel. Alexandra goes into a deep meditative state and in this process, Golden Arrow, the non-physical energy, expands the physical vocal chords of Alexandra's body and raises her vibration. Her physical temperature is elevated as well as she becomes very warm as the energy expands.

During group and private sessions, Golden Arrow addresses a universal common bond that the individual or group is challenged with. Then individuals can ask questions. There is nothing off limits to ask. Golden Arrow speaks to you from your energy field - that energy that you have established for this particular lifetime. Golden Arrow through Alexandra does not act as a psychic. They are not "guessing" as to your life's path. They are viewing your energy field that you yourself have set up for this particular experience and lifetime.

Alexandra has been channeling Golden Arrow for over 20 years and has traveled nationally to speak to individuals and groups. She does phone sessions as well.

If your life is not how you prefer it, or if you're needing help in the direction of your life's path, Golden Arrow will cover all your bases and give you clear, concise instruction. If you feel stuck, wanting a satisfying relationship or needing to get healthy, whether that is physically or emotionally, then you will truly be uplifted by the answers and help from Golden Arrow to make big changes in your life.

Phone sessions: 1 hour - $175 which includes a CD of the session. Additional CD's are available for $12 per CD.

Group session - $30 per person with a minimum of 10 people.

Out of the area of California group and individual sessions are also available - please call to arrange these sessions.

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