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How do I express in words how Alexandra & Golden Arrow have changed my life so profoundly? I had my first Golden Arrow session a little over a year ago and wow has my life changed. From my first session, Golden Arrow helped me to accept many things about me. I could write a book on how Golden Arrow has helped me to have more fun, be happier and more joyful. I love my life when before I did not. What more can I say? Amazing!!    - Aimee B

Alexandra/Golden Arrow have been a wealth of information from helping me see myself and the path I have set for myself. I have been to many group sessions and one personal private session. Golden Arrow has shown me many ways to clear a path, and to know where I want to go. I now have goals that I pre-pave with my thoughts. I have all of the sessions recorded and always find more teachings and information every time I listen to them. I have now become a very good friend and am in a better place because of her and Golden Arrow.    - Gene B

Golden Arrow saved me from myself - from my destructive habits and beliefs. They showed me how to take responsibility for those beliefs and release them to be able to create new beliefs that lifted me up with enthusiasm and happiness and joy. I know now that they have walked with me my whole life. They are so loving and so allowing for my journey to unfold. I am forever grateful for their advice, caring and continual support.    - Lisa M

"The insight that I got from Golden Arrow trough the process of Intention and Declaration is amazing. The results I have experienced from practicing and applying them are like 'magic'. Golden Arrow has been extremely helpful in helping me to become the person I am meant and choose to be."     - CN

"The group session with Golden Arrow was meaningful and energy-filled. Each participant received what they needed to hear. I appreciate having a brief commune with Golden Arrow and hearing of my own life experience, though I've had no contact with Alexandra in many months. Thank you very much."    - LC

" I came to Golden Arrow riddled with intense, crippling guilt that was hindering my joy and my life.
Golden Arrow shared TRUTH that resonated deep within my soul and gave me understanding, wisdom and the ability to let go of the guilt, let go of resentment and live in freedom."    - KC


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