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To bring together women from all walks of life, nationalities and from all belief systems and philosophies to come together through workshops, seminars and yearly conferences to raise the vibration of our planet through meditations, speaker/presenters of Oneness concepts and to commune in that Source/God Oneness.

This is the age of the feminine. A time of healing and nurturing the self and expanding our core beliefs and consciousness of our Oneness with All That Is.

This is your opportunity to come together with women who have a common goal; to raise the consciousness of our planet and unite to increase our vibration exponentially through quieting the mind and focusing on the healing of ourselves and all those that reside on this earth. Through this, we will all find our power and our commonality with all of life.

Join us and offer your support and your genius. Local events are held monthly in regional areas. If you would like to host a local event with guest speakers, call Alexandra for more information. Speakers present topics related to raising consciousness and spiritual growth; and meditations are designed to bring the mind to the quiet "no space" and "no thought" place.

The time is now to come together, create a bond of our Oneness. There is no separation, only the thought that we hold about it. Now is the time to change consensus reality.

Women's United Nations a non profit 501(c)3 Foundation. Your financial support is tax deductible. You can sponsor a conference which are held twice a year in locations around the world. Your sponsorship will be given recognition and credit at each event that you sponsor. Here are the sponsorship levels:

* $50,000 - Life Time member * $1,500 - Bronze Sponsor
* $10,000 - Platinum Sponsor * $1,000 - Silver Sponsor
* $5,000 - Gold Sponsor * $ 500 - Medallion Sponsor
* $ 250 - Fellowship Sponsor


Call or Email now for more information and to support this valuable organization:

Phone: 951 315-8170




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